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Resultado día 5

Friday, 18 de June de 2010, by webmaster

The workshop took place at the library of the Italian Institute of Culture in London. During the whole week we worked as a Think-Tank. Firstly, examining what the idea of CITY meant to all of us and then trying to understand the ‘architectures’ that rule our lives on them.

On the first stage of the workshop, the participants presented their personal experiences and observations of the subject, opening them to group discussion. Later on, we would contextualise these findings and observations onto the general frame of our investigation.

For the second stage, we asked participants to think of one thing that they would like to add to the city (meaning something that they would like to see happening in or to the city) and another thing that they would like to take away. Through this process they started to develop their own individual proposals.

Our discussions carried on along the week, every time bringing more focus to their individual ideas, but also keeping an open approach, allowing the conversations to flow following its natural development and the conceptualization of ideas.

The final results were really inspiring, both for the participants and ourselves, and we feel that have definitely planted a seed for future projects.

The ideas generated were mostly concepts as the students ambitions were to create or break systems that would bring significant structural changes to the cities and the ways we live on them.

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